Kid Safe Pool Nets were the first safety nets in the US to be Nationally Listed to conform to ASTM F1346-91, the National Standard Performance Specifications for Safety Covers.  Since then, this Standard was adopted by the State of Florida as one of the three accepted methods for securing a new or renovated swimming pool.

Florida Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements

Under Florida law, all new swimming pools completed after October 2000 are required to have one of three State prescribed safety devices installed prior to receiving a final approval from the City where the Pool is permitted. Some Cities now require two of these barriers.  Ask your Pool Builder professional for more details.

This law was implemented to help reduce the risk of infant drowning or near-drowning in swimming pools.  In Florida, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children less than five years old.

These three prescribed safety devices are:

1. A Pool Safety Cover

The cover needs to conform to the national standard as prescribed by the ASTM in their designation F1346-91.  

2. Door and Window Alarms

All doors and windows with unimpeded access to the pool are required to be covered by an alarm that produces a noise of not less than 110dB at a distance of 10 feet.

3. Swimming Pool (Baby) Fence.

The swimming pool has to be separated from the house by a secondary pool fence (Baby Fence).  Minimum standards for the fence are prescribed by the law.

What is the right choice for me?

 As a new pool owner, you have to decide which one of these three devices is most appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.As a Child Safety specialist, Kid Safe Pool Nets would like to provide you with some information to consider as you make your choice.

a.  Take the long-term view of your safety responsibility.  Will the barrier you choose work for your lifestyle now and continue to work for you in the future? Just because you do not have children in the home now, does not mean you will never have friends or family with kids or grandkids visit. 

b.  Think about your responsibility when you are away on vacation and not able to monitor your pool  

 c.  When you remove the barrier to use your pool, is it easy to store, do you have space for it and is it easy to replace when you need to do so?

d. Is this barrier really safe?  Or am I just going through the motions?

Always remember, children are attracted to the beautiful, sparkling blue pool water, especially here in Florida’s hot summers.