What is a Pool Safety Net?

Very simply, a Pool Safety Net is a Net that is installed over the top of your swimming pool to prevent children from swimming without your permission or supervision. When in place, any child and even most adults cannot remove the net without the use of the Release Key. A properly installed Safety Net will suspend a crawling baby off the water entirely (up to about 3 feet out from the edge), while older children can scamper off the net with maybe a wet bottom.  The Net is not a comfortable place to sit, and children tend to avoid the net when it is in place.  Also, since the net is under tension, it is impossible for a child to get caught up in it.

How do they work?

Very simply.  When in place, a Kid Safe Pool Net is stretched tight enough across a pool to suspend a baby above the water.  When it comes time to remove it, the Central Tensioning System enables you to release the tension from the net before unhooking the anchors, allowing a quick and easy removal.  This is also true for putting it back on – the net is replaced while it is loose, then pull in the tension ropes from the edge of your pool to re-set the tension.  On a standard 15 x 30 pool, the average user takes about 5 minutes to completely remove the net and about 10 minutes to replace it (including the re-tensioning).  An experienced user takes about 2 minutes off and 5 minutes on.

Using the net

Kid Safe Pool Net operation: In the following video you can see how to easily remove and replace the net.